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Booking a Session

You must follow these steps to reserve time - 

  • Review each service offered carefully and decide which one fits best for you.

  • Fill out the online Questionnaire. The more I know about you the more enjoyable the time we will have together. DO NOT contact me without filling out the online Questionnaire first.

  • After you have filled out the Questionnaire you may text me at my direct number (202) 810-2327 Monday - Friday between the times of 10am - 7pm. DO NOT call me until we have scheduled a time to talk via text.

  • All appointments must be made at least 48 hours in advance. I do not accept same day appointments.

  • If you decide to cancel within 72 hours of your appointment, your deposit is non-refundable.  If I cancel our appointment due to my own personal reasons then you are fully entitled a refund of your deposit.

  • It is imperative that your decision to session with me is certain, otherwise I do offer the option to meet with me first over dinner or drinks so we may break the ice.

  • Deposits do not count towards my hourly rate. All deposits collected goes towards the location of my choosing.


During our Phone Consultation - 

  • Do not speak of illegal activity, use disrespectful language, or insult me. The call will be terminated and you will be blacklisted.

  • I will decide how far our conversation goes. This may include professionally discussing your interests, past experiences, boundaries, kinks, and more.

  • You are expected to pay your deposit no longer than 12 hours after our consultation, otherwise your scheduled time is subjected to be unavailable.

  • Do not try to negotiate my prices. My prices are set. Do not try to substitute gift cards or anything else in place of my donation. This behavior will not be tolerated and you will not have a chance to ever meet me. 

  • I reserve the right to deny you any of my services due to any reasons of my own and do not owe you an explanation. 

Day of our Session - ​​

  • You must text me no sooner than 2 hours before our session to confirm. Only then will I provide you with the address.

  • Please account for at least 1 hour of driving time. My location is within the DC Metropolitan area.

  • When you call you will be given specific instructions for when your arrive. Listen to them carefully.

  • Do not be late for our appointment. If you think your are going to be late, contact me.

  • No call/no shows result in a forfeit of your deposit and you will  be blacklisted.

  • Before our session begins place your donation in an envelop on the table. Do not make me ask for it.

  • There will be no video or recording devices allowed. It would be best for you to leave them in your vehicle. 

  • If you are satisfied with your session you may leave a tip and are encouraged to do so.

Mutual Expectations

Our sessions together are meant to be a mutually positive experience. I will respect your boundaries as you will mine. There will be no illegal activity, drugs/alcohol, sex, fluid exchange, or any physical skin-to-skin touching of genitalia. I am not an escort. These are not escort services. Asking for any illegal activity will result in the termination of our session, forfeit of donation, and a ban from future opportunities to meet with me.  Due to the nature of my work, I will not see anyone under the age of 21.

Your privacy is just as important as mine. This means I do not discuss anything we do in private to anyone and I expect you to do the same. Any personal information is kept between us in confidentiality. This includes my location and anything we say or do while in session.

All interested clients must read and understand the Rulebook below before contacting me.

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