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Who am I?

Once upon a time, there was a submissive princess. She was unlike all the other princesses in the Kink kingdom.  Why? Cuz no one is exactly the same, duh. But... you happen to be here, on this page, in her realm, reading this script of this princess to hear why you should spend a pretty penny on a mere few hours of play time with the one and only -

Dungeon Barbie is a character, self made with multiple talents. Her work exceeds beyond making you her play toy or pet. She brings to you her art in every form you see. From visually and physically pleasing you in session, to creating her own content so you may have something to fantasize to at home. Kind and merciful is the Barbie before you and she expects the same. Only the few, the brave, the strong, and best ever want and get to be in her gentle presence. 

If you are the right man, she will embrace you in loving conversation. If you are not, it would probably be best to walk off a bridge.

Barbie dominates in both her roles as a Domme and sub. If you are ever so lucky to be chosen as her Dom, know that it was only possible because she allowed it. Your gratitude is foremost expected as she worships you and fills all your desires.

If being her Dom is your final lifelong goal for complete inner fulfillment in order to reach a happy and peaceful death, then you first must relinquish your controlling natural desires and submit to her entirely. The ultimate trust is established when you give her your life. She will thank you for it.

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Barbie's roll as a Domme embodies a motherly figure - strict, caring, and righteous. She will punish you when you are bad and encourage you when you are good. She is the ultimate Goddess of Morality.  Something you surely do not want but do damn well need. You are open to calling her "mommy". In fact, you should call her "mommy" as a form of respect and to reinforce your place in our very special Dom/sub relationship. 

She is looking forward to meeting you in person, playing out all your fantasies and fulfilling all your desires. Take a look at each page of her website carefully so you may get to know her well.

Dungeon Barbie

Petite, urban raised doll with mixed ethnic background.

Slim body - dress size 4 height of 5'5".

Dirty brown eyes with long black hair. 

Interested in modeling in different studios with a variety of equipment to show off all the poss


Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How old are you?

A: 31

Q: What is your height?

A: 5'5"

Q: What size do you wear?

A: I am typically a size small, with a dress size 4

Q: What size are your breasts?

A: 32A

Q: Eye color/hair color?

A: Brown/Black


Q: Do you really look like your pictures?

A: Arrange a cam session with me and find out ;-)


Q: I've never seen a professional dominatrix before, what can I expect?

A: Every client and session is different. We will tailor a scene that works for both of us. If you're still nervous, I'd recommend that you take me out for a dinner date before we session.


Q: Why do you require a deposit?

A: I currently do not have a dedicated dungeon space (working on it though!), so I see clients at a hotel of my choosing. Your deposit covers the cost of the hotel. Sorry, no exceptions, I've already lost money to no-shows!


Q: What can I do to spoil you? 

A: Visit my Spoil Me page to send a donation or ask me what I would like. Don't feel obligated to do this, but it is a nice way to let me know you are anxious to see me or had a great session. 

Q: Why didn't you respond to me?

A: I try to respond to every request that I receive within a day or two. On rare instances, it could be longer if I'm on vacation or otherwise disposed. I also don't respond to emails that I find rude, offensive, or insincere. I also do not respond to text messages before receiving a filled out Questionnaire


Q: Will you negotiate the tribute? What can I do if I don't have enough money to see you?

A: I truly understand how tough times are right now. I wish that I could be more flexible, but I cannot lower my tribute amount. If you cannot afford a real time session with me, perhaps you'd like to have a cam session or purchase a pair of my panties. 


Q: Will you be submissive to me?

A: I am always dominant with new clients. However, in my personal life, I am a switch and would consider subbing for long term clients. 


Q: What's your favorite kink?

A: I love everything backdoor. Fisting my personal sub until he dribbles is a favorite pastime of mine.


Q: Can I be your personal sub? Will you date me?

A: I'm sure that you are a lovely person, but I must keep my professional and personal life separate. I am quite close friends with some of my long term clients and I hope that we can become friends too!


Q: Can I have sex with you? 

A: Please don't offend me by asking this. I will not engage in illegal activities and I will block anyone who makes such inquiries. 

Q: Are you open to couples? Multiple subs?

A: Currently I only provide my tailored sessions with one special servant at a time.


Q: Do you take wardrobe requests? 
A: Absolutely! I love to play dress up and am comfortable in all kinds of attire from bodycon dresses to school girl outfits to nurse uniforms. If I don't have something, I'll gladly let you purchase it for me ahead of time. 

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